Thursday, January 23, 2020

Does India need an Ignorance Movement?

We have heard of India's non-cooperation movement many times.

We have also heard of the phrase "Honesty is the best policy". 

Today is Netaji's birthday. But had he been amongst us, would he call it a happy one? Definitely not. Look at us!

What does India need currently? I think what we need is an ignorance movement that is thoroughly conscious. As corrupt as these politicians can be, so less becomes their emotional IQ.

I think in this present scenario, getting out on the roads and doing a protest march is becoming a very predictable step. How can we become unpredictable in our protests to face this garbage of a government that we ourselves elected that turned out so rogue? They have made it very evident as being a cold-blooded opponent. We don't reveal our strategy to an opponent do we?

What is the difference between violence and non-violence? It doesn't have to be physical. Non-violence and tolerance are not synonymous. Focused and intolerant non-violence can prove to be very effective.

How can we ensure total ignorance of this completely heartless government? I have voted for them once. I was so pained by their first term that I voted for NOTA for the second term.

Protest if we will, can't we protest online? Online doesn't mean we have to share on social media is it? We have email, we have encryption, we have white hat hackers.

Image Credit: Great Game India

So, I once again highlight that this time, after 1947's dominion status, India needs not exactly a non-cooperation movement but an ignorance movement. Ignorance towards the devilishly ignorant. Who are these ignorant people? Politicians and leaders who are absolutely not selfless in their actions. I wrote about them earlier in my previous post.

When I say India, I mean Netaji's India, Bhagat Singh's India, the India our freedom fighters laid down their lives for... not the India we see today.

So how do we strengthen our ignorance towards the corrupt?

In various surveys such as this, it has been revealed that more and more people around the world are preferring to work remotely. That is a major advantage!

Let us consider a use case. A use case in which all the people in different communities are working together remotely from their own offices belonging to respective governmental departments. An office can just be a small room or simply a place of work regardless of size, shape or capacity. Connected through the internet, all of these people can be part of a large mesh sized governmental network. By following transparent and honest practices, we people alone as guides could govern ourselves with our own individual tasks based on what we are best skilled at.

But what is the current condition in India? Due to incorrect prioritization, the internet is most unfortunately not available where it should be there in the first place! Where? With our farmers of course, where else? They are in a state of complete misfortune. The primary source of our food is in a state of extreme discomfort.

To establish a strong and transparent governmental network, our farmers - our primary food source, have to be strengthened paramount.

To bring our farmers into such a network, working at a grass-root level to educate the farmers about the internet would be a bit slower than building tech that would require an extremely minimal amount of training. I feel farmers can be motivated by connecting their farming skills (that is what they are best at!) with easy and convenient tech. Now how does a techie become an efficient middleman?

In my previous update, I wrote about integrating NOTA with AI. When we think of the above use case, it does not remain NOTA anymore if we think deeply. It becomes AOTA - All of The Above. The reason being that our farmers are being placed at the highest level and no more being excluded or de-prioritized.

Now when we integrate AOTA with AI based on relevant datasets, we would be achieving the greatest automatized Open Source democracy ever! With such intelligent automation, the requirement for votes would no longer be a necessity. Why? This intelligent system would be supervised by we the people ourselves. That is why this framework would actually help us possibly evolve into a new and efficient intelligent race.

An Open Source Democracy might seem difficult to build at first, but the task is not impossible.

To understand this better, let me discuss a bit about the Ubuntu ideology:

In short, Ubuntu refers to "humanity towards others". Another interpretation would be: "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity".

In the following video, the concept of an Ubuntu community is very vividly explained. It is up to us alone to decide how soon would we want such a future for all mankind.

So, from now onwards as usual, I will continue to pay my taxes (in other words, "legal" payment to the government through GST or whatever balderdash). But I will also continue to pay my fellow people with whatever I've learned as a researcher through all my past studies via this blog. Let us see how this war between money and knowledge turns out to be.

If you feel similar vibrations as me after reading this post, please share it with your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Who Does Our World Need The Most?

It's been quite a long while since I posted my last update. An unfortunate incident as it was, it still charged me up to build my lab sooner than planned, while also authoring a book at the same time. I had worked really really hard on them both as I still continue to pursue my PhD with also a new role as a Research Engineer.

Thankfully, things turned out really well, with both of them being inaugurated recently at a wonderful event held at my lab premises recently.

Let me now come back to what the title says. At first glance, an honest perception may give us a thought about great and selfless leaders. I'd rather not use the word "politicians" here, as the word itself has lost its true integrity and purpose. Great and selfless politicians are in fact, true and honest political scientists themselves if you are to describe them accurately at a deeper level.

In this modern era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), I do not think we require politicians anymore. We don't even need leaders as well. Who do we need then?

I gave it a lot of thought. The correct word to describe these persons are guides.

Let's check out what Google says about the three:


A person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of an elected office.


The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.


A person who shows the way to others.

So, a politician gets elected and becomes authoritarian. A leader may or may not be involved in elections. Still, they also become authoritarian. But a guide can never become authoritarian due to their natural purpose. Can guides still have selfless leadership qualities? I think yes.

Quantitatively speaking, where do you think there is a chance of minimum corruption among the three? Where is the chance and potential for maximum greatness and selflessness? Its got to be "guide".

Okay, so even if guides are the best, what about our sustainability as a people? What about a collective democracy? Don't we need politics for that?

Apparently, we can survive and evolve even without it. Just Google, "democracy without politics".

Democracy Without Politics

We don't need politicians..we don't even need leaders. What we need are guides..more than ever before!

A democracy without politics, reconstructed to remove the problems that limit our government. Fixing democracy once and for all, by removing every root cause of problems. In spite of its success, the flaws in our democratic decision making have led to tens of millions of unnecessary deaths in the last 50 years alone. Each and every year globally our poor democratic process squanders many trillions of dollars which could be otherwise spent for the benefit of all. This book outlines the many consequences of our current poor democratic process and presents a compelling case for change. The underlying problems within our democratic process are then identified, and simple and effective solutions are proposed. This book creates a new democracy, which removes any potential for either politics, corruption, self-interested politicians or the adverse influence of money. One which gives power back to the people within an effective governance framework to control that power. A democracy reconstructed from tried and tested solutions, which can produce better leadership and better decisions, for a fairer society. Building on the expertise of scholars, this book critically analyses western democratic process to find and address the root causes of problems. The poor implementation choices that lead to those issues are removed and replaced with sensible and effective solutions. At the same time, democracy itself is strengthened through a true separation of powers, and the core qualities that have driven democracy's success are reinforced. A more effective collective decision-making process is created, which better governs our leadership, and better represents the will of the people. What arises, is a new democracy. A democracy designed from the ground up to be, of the people, by the people and for the people.
Bracks, Tony (2017). Solving for democracy. [Tony Bracks], [South Turramurra, New South Wales] [online]:

Knowledge comes from both education and experience. Anyone out there, you or me, can become a guide! The most advanced technologies are at our disposal, in the palm of your hand or the screen you are looking at right now. The internet, which has become our fundamental right, is the largest encyclopedia you've got unlike any other!

Will voters be okay with companies having this kind of control over AI-politicians? Could companies behind AI-politicians take money and “play with the code” to influence what the politician does?
Prakash, A. (2018). AI-Politicians: A Revolution In Politics. [online] Medium. Available at:

What if the code is Open Source and follows Open Science Laws? And how can we relate NOTA with such AI? Can both be somehow integrated for our community?

Powered by AI, this could eventually indeed lead to a revolutionary democracy without politics.

That futuristic future you saw in sci-fi games and movies is no longer fictional. It has already arrived. In an age when even robots are getting thousands of votes as electoral candidates, what is stopping us as good samaritans?

#BeMyGuide #DemocracyWithoutPolitics

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Is this how dreams are shattered?

Hello Dear Visitor,

I do not write much in here these days but only when I feel I should jot down my thoughts which shake me to the core. I'm here to share a very heart-wrenching incident that happened to me yesterday.

I'm currently a student pursuing a PhD in Bioinformatics for the past 3 years without any stipend or funding. I have been doing my studies independently on my self-financed lab equipment.

Yesterday I got scammed of ₹22,550 (approximately $318.80).

I had visited the local ICICI Kalikapur Bank to transfer my bank balance.

After coming back home, I had some more queries in mind. So I decided to call them regarding the pending transfer.

To my stroke of extreme bad luck, I called a number that I found from Google business listings.

That number actually belongs to a fraudster. It is listed as an official number of the bank branch.

Convinced that I was continuing my conversation I had in the bank a while ago in person, I got scammed black and blue.

Now I have ₹3 in the account.

Is this how dreams are shattered? The amount was being saved to setup an Open Source Computing Lab and now that dream is in ruins.

I have reached out to the banks and also reported the incident to my nearest police station.

I was building the lab because I want to do independent help students like me learn about GPU learn and research how to understand disease with GPU powered Bioinformatics.

Yesterday's incident was disastrous indeed. I wonder why scammers don't do a background check on their victim's monthly income before sucking the life out of them?

Life is so unpredictable..who knows what is going to happen next..big lesson learnt..a lesson for life.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How to Buy Games From Steam, Uplay, Origin or Any Other International Online Store : A Guide For Young Indian Gamers

Not very long ago, Indian gamers faced a lot of difficulties buying games from the Steam, the leading platform for PC video games, as the vast majority of us prefer to use the domestic payment method. This problem was because of some server issues with Novaplay as illustrated in this article. What to do when this doesn't work?

I started looking for the most convenient and easiest way to make international payments and found virtual debit cards to be the most suitable to tackle this age-old problem. Debit cards are currently the fastest mode of payment on Steam. First I tried digibank by DBS. But it didn't quite work out as planned. Finally I found a wonderful solution: The Kotak 811 App!


You would need to have your Aadhaar and PAN details with you when you setup the account. Within minutes, you will be able to submit all the necessary details for creating your own brand new Zero Balance savings bank account :) !

However, the virtual debit card will not immediately start working after you add funds to your account. Please wait for 48 hours within which you will be notified about the activation of your account.

The good thing about this is that the Visa virtual debit card available through the app comes pre-activated for international transactions and all you have to do is wait for the notification SMS about the activation of your account. Its usually takes around 30 hours for activation after you have submitted all details through the app. No need to go to the bank anymore! In case of other digital banking apps, you would have to wait for biometric verification via bank agent and also request activation of international transaction usage of the cards.

After you receive the confirmation SMS from Kotak, you can now start using your virtual debit card on Steam. Steam charges(a temporary transaction) an Indian rupee amount equivalent to an US dollar according to current exchange values in order to verify that you have funds in your card. So make sure you have funds in your new account before you add the card on Steam.

UPI is now the easiest way to transfer funds. Check out this comprehensive website to know why. I would suggest my fellow Indian gamers to maintain only a minimal amount in this new Kotak 811 account and use UPI to add funds from your main domestic bank account as and when needed.

You can also use this virtual debit card if you want to transact using your own PayPal account on various international online game stores! Kotak charges ₹1 for using the 3D Secure service in order to add the card to your PayPal account.

Hope this helps young Indian gamers to no longer depend solely on the domestic method of payments on Steam. Anyone with a valid Aadhaar and PAN can now buy internationally online! Happy Gaming :) !